Winning throws:
  • Five Sixes returns 30x your stake!
  • Five Fives returns 25x your stake!
  • Five Fours returns 20x your stake!
  • Five Threes returns 15x your stake!
  • Five Twos returns 10x your stake
  • Five Ones returns 5x your stake
  • Four of a Kind returns 4x your stake
  • A Straight returns 3x your stake
  • A Full House returns 3x your stake
  • Three of a Kind returns 2x your stake
  • Two pairs returns 1.5x your stake

Pay into the following address to place a bet:
(min 0.001BTC*)


After betting, watch the list below for the result.

How do I know it's fair??

How do I know it's fair??

At the beginning of every week, all the rolls that will be played for the whole week are randomly pre-calculated and written to a text file. The text in the text file is kept secret for the rest of the week, but the hash is publicly published (and this weeks hash is ....) Bets are processed in the order they come in, and assigned a sequential number (which is visible in comments made for winning hands.) At the end of the week, the text from the text file is published, and everyone can see the order of rolls. The public hash is proof that the order and value of bets in the text file has not been modified since the wager was made (the smallest of changes to the text file would result in a completely different hash value.) By inspecting the block chain it can be seen the rolls correspond correctly to those presented in the text file. This proves beyond doubt that the bets are fair.

Additional information

Bets over 0.001BTC will be split into multiple rolls - for example, betting 0.1BTC will create 100 rolls of the dice. All winning bets from a single transaction shall be paid out in a single transaction.